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  Relentless SkateWorks is a skate company that is focused on putting out the best quality wood and graphics. The most common reaction to seeing our decks, other than really positive responses about the artwork, is to say that they have a great shape. That is no accident! We tested decks from a series of manufacturers before deciding on the right one. All decks are made from 100% Canadian maple and cross-laminated with industrial adhesives for reliable strength.

The graphics on most of the decks have to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. They were created by artists from all across the country, you probably even recognize some of them. We make the finest pure art decks and try to work with the best talent from North America and beyond. Currently we support works from Blaine Fontana, Brandt Peters, Jeff Vreeland, Koak, Matz, Urban1028, Junkykid, Farmer Bob, Tavish and more. If you can't find them in your area, CALL YOUR LOCAL SHOP and tell them to check us out!

What else? We also carry a complete line of wheels, trucks and hardware - everything you need to get rolling. Again we had the same eye to quality when finding the right parts.

The wheels are threaded to ensure that they are perfectly cylindrical (on the outside part of the wheel that touches the ground, they are poured a little larger than actual size and then put on a lathe to take off some of the material, making the best ride possible).

The trucks have an inverted kingpin for great clearance on rails etc. They are made with an aluminum alloy and have carbon hardened steel hanger, for the best strength and really light in weight.

The bearings have chromium steel balls and shields - and are super-finished for speed, we got you covered.

Grip tape, no cheap stuff here. We carry the most expensive grip tape that we tried, not merely because it was the most costly but because it out performed the cheap stuff. The cheap stuff bubbled and shredded because the adhesive was very poor, the grit was small too, no grip.

The risers are soft and come in a few different colors.

Bolts, no we aren't going to tell you ours are better. They are bolts, no magic here. 1" allen head with tool.

If you find that the bolts have some power beyond what is stated, a death threat or ideas to improve anything we do - send it here! (just click the link and erase the dashes)